Why did it auto_update with auto_update disabled?

After the last update fiasco I made certain that auto update was disabled. I prefer NEVER to auto update firmware until some time has expired and other’s experiences are known. This morning I learned that my firmware did update to the 3.04.01-230 version. And auto-update reenabled!!! WHY!!! What kind of stupid software designers put an option into a program and then blithely ignore it!

I don’t know – As far as I can remember, you’re the only person to have reported that happening back in March.

Mine is disabled, and nothing has happened – I haven’t updated the firmware, and this morning, auto-update is still disabled and the Cloud is running the old version…

I find it difficult to believe that my firmware reads in whatever configuration file the flag to turn auto update on and off one way when I check it with dashboard and it shows OFF and another way when actually checking before updating. I find it even more difficult to believe that  my firmware is unique.

I believe you when you say yours behaved. The only conclusion I can reach is that the firmware is extremely flaky.