Why CF card is failing when reading certain sectors of the card


We have a couple of CF Cards of type SSD-M0008UI-4900.

Two of the cards are failing when reading certain sectors of the card.

Our symptom is that some of the sectors are unreadable.

We wonder what the cause for these failures are.

When CF Cards  fail, – what is the most common cause(s) for failure(s)? What are the symptoms?

We firmly believe that the operating temperature and other parameters are well within the specifications from the datasheet.

Thank you for your time.

Hello Mate,

I think you will need to reach WD directly for this…


NAND Flash does eventually wear out from repeated writes. You can see the SMART data using a tool such as smartctl (from smartmontools). It was written for Linux, but it also has a Windows version. IMHO, it’s probably the best tool for analysing SSD SMART data.