Why can't this just work

I’m getting increasingly frusterated with the SMP every week.  I simply have two SMP’s each with their own connected HDD. They see each other just fine and I can add each other’s HDD to the media library without a problem. Everything is on the default workgroup and each unit has a unique device name as it should. 

I can play from one to the other for a couple days just fine and then suddenly I’ll get the “no content found” message. Like it just up and went away for no reason.  Then I’ll device restart each box and sometimes that fixes the problem. Sometimes after a restart, one of the boxes won’t see my wifi network and I’ll have to restart the box once again. Then after a restart I’ll see network shares but local shares are no longer available and I’ll have to eject the HDD. Sometimes I can play off the Network Share but when I add that to my media library it says it’s already there. But playing it play from within my media library content isn’t found and I’m back to clearing my media library and adding it again.  It’s never the same process twice. This problem has existed before and after installing the latest FW.

I’m not trying to share things from my PC (which ironically, I can do with no problems if I wanted to), I’m just trying to get two WD TV SMP’s to work together.  I feel like this is much more difficult than it needs to be. Two devices made by the same company should work better together. I’m sorry for the rant, and maybe I’m doing something wrong and someone call point me in direction

Try resetting the router, you can also try using a static IP for both WDTVs. The problem can also be caused by a low wireless signal.