Why are there no links to WD Home or WD Support or Knowledgebase on the forums?

I thought I’d go and look up the WD KnowledgeBase to answer a customer’s query.

It used to be possible to get to WD Home, and the KnowledgeBase from the forum page.

I’ve looked up and down the pages, clicked on the WD logo, but everything loops back to the WD Community. And I cannot find any links to Support. Anyone would think you don’t want people asking questions of Support (and Support seem to direct customers here…)

Okay. Right at the bottom of the top-level ‘Community’ page, there’s a row of links in tiny print. The last one is ‘Contact WD’. If I click this, I need another four clicks to get to a KnowledgeBase search dialogue.

Maybe it should say ‘Beware of the Leopard’, rather than ‘Contact WD’.

ps. I don’t want to contact WD, I want to consult their online help, such as it is.

There are links in the footer to get you back right now. We’ll look into adding some more visible links somewhere, but I need to discuss with @Bill_S before I make any promises.

FYI if you go to http://support.wdc.com the main search now searches the KB (for most searches).

I see you’ve had Support training…

Try getting to the links at the bottom of a long thread… Can’t scroll there easily? Thought not…

Posting a link to the page isn’t quite what I had in mind; I can always use Google.

It would just seem sensible for a forum, where people come to find solutions to their product problems, to have a


somewhere very obvious at to top of each forum home page, and each thread.