Why am I unable to see the files I copied?

I made many subfolders with files in them. Days later when I check on the previous subfolders of files I copied, the folders were empty instead and I believe this is because there is also a spinning wheel (buffering icon?) beside the folder I wish to view.

This wheel is present in many folders which contain large file size, and it takes ‘quite’ a while before I can see the files in there.

Can someone tell me what’s up with this? Is it a hard drive thing? Computer thing? Internet connection where the hard drive is taking a while to read the data to show on my notebook?

  • I do not use gigabit ethernet and I doubt I will so let’s scratch off that if you wanna talk about it.

Seriously the app is pretty simple yet not as convenient as Windows Explorer. It’s kinda…gimicky.

I seriously want to switch this product for the regular 4 TB WD Ext. Hard Drive but I doubt Best Buy will let that happen. I asked for a 4 TB hard drive and the employee shows me a 3TB and 4TB Cloud storage instead and I had no idea what those were like till I tried this guy. Now I want to pull my hair out because I can easily make a mistake if I don’t copy files the right way.

I can’t even copy the same folders to check if any same files are detected to make sure not-yet-copied files in the same folder can be copied.

Example: I am copying Folder A with 20 files with 100 MB each to Cloud Storage. For some reason there’s an error and not all files are copied or can’t find destination for SOME reason (because this happens whenever i manually select files instead of clicking and dragging the entire folder) and it only copies some of the files in the folder. I can’t copy all the files for some reason as I get the ‘upload’ small window and its blank, after much waiting it tells me that there’s some kind of problem. Or if I try to copy the folder again, I can’t because the directory already exists. So what choice do I have? DELETE the whole darn folder that may be gigs of memory already and WAIT AGAIN for data copy transfer!

This issue I do NOT have with non-cloud storage devices.

After this I am never touching cloud storage ever again. Not for another 40-50 years.

How are you trying to access anf copy to the shares? Local? Remote? explorer/finder? WD app? etc

the NAS / cloud storage will always be more complicated then local USB storage, if you don’t want any of the advanced features then exchanging for a USB disk make sense and I would try that. Bring up that thier employee steered you here