Why 4 apache2 processes? It occupy 27% memory in latest My cloud firmware

In 3.0 my swap only use about 20mb, even arrange 64mb cache to Transmission.

But in latest 4.0 firmware, swap up to 70mb by default setting. I can only give transmission 32mb cache now.

I want to know, could I stop apache2 and only use shell to reset and shutdown system? I do not need any function in WD Web GUI. Thanks.


In 4.0, if I arrange 64mb cache to transmission, swap will rise to 170mb, it’s performance will be effected. I am not sure why always has 40mb free memory at any time.

Whats the benefit of assigning more memory to Transmission. I run it with whatever the defaults are on my WD drive and i have no issues. Seems to run fine.