WHS 2011 and WD Live Streaming

Hi guys.

Bought a WD TV Live Streaming yesterday… Im having nothing but troubles connecting my WHS shares with this device.  I have a PCH c-200 and an xtreamer all of which see my shares no problem but for the life of me i cannot get them to work with the wdtv live.

When i click the media shares and select samba it does not see any shares.

Any ideas??? 

Boy…WHS V1 worked like a champ, samba, files, supplied the user account/password and volia shares

Update on this…re-did configuration after swapping WDTV to get prior firmware.  Could not see WHS server via samba or anything, until I turned off the W7 PCs in the house.  I have a mixed environment of W7 and XP.  Once I had WD configured to see WHS shares, turning W7 PCs back on did not block and all is well.  I suspect, but have not confirmed,  this is due to a HomeGroup service running even though HomeGroup is not in use.  I did not hit this the 1st time as the W7 PCs happened to be off.