Who to share through parallels on MAC MyCloud

I use Parallels on MAC OSX 10.9 where I run a windows driven software, TOPSOLID, I want to use MyCloud as an external hard drive. But on the MAC side I have the connection, otherwise on the Windows side through Parallels I don’t have access and don’t see the MyCloud as I see the Dropbox well. How can I have the MyCloud on the Windows side as a sharing like the Dropbox?

The My Cloud is NOT an “external hard drive”. It is a network attached storage (NAS) device. One can map Shares on the My Cloud to their Mac or Windows PC. Perhaps you have to do something similar with Parallels. It is also recommended when connecting to the My Cloud or mapping a Share using a Mac to use AFP if possible.

Also see the following KB article on the Parallels site:

Cannot connect to specific network device

For mapping the My Cloud see the My Cloud User Manual (http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/?id=439&type=25) or the following links:




Hello Bennor, thanks for the solution, everything is working as it should. I followed the parallels link and My Cloud showed up in Windows as network link. And yes you’re correct with the hard drive, just made a mistake in use of the correct name. Do you think that MyCloud is a good idea to use for a PDM location? Again to use with TOPSOLID, CAD software with a PDM locator for the files created with this software.

Don’t know as I have never used Topsolid/CAD software.

Edit to add: The single bay My Cloud is a very basic device with basic features and hardware. It may or may not be up to the task of being a storage repository for processor or network intensive programs/software. Only suggestion I have is do an internet search for your software and NAS to see if the software has any problems saving or opening content from an NAS device.

Bennor, can I ask you an other question? When I want to connect to my cloud, I receive an answer that the IP-address and port 8088, is access denied by the other computer, this means the WDMYCLOUD? I searched to find the problem to allow access but didn’t found any thing.

Connect how? Using what program or software? A web browser? Mac Finder? What are you trying to access? The My Cloud Dashboard? The My Cloud file server?

It has been recommended in other threads to use AFP to connect to the My Cloud when using a Mac.

It’s by the software Topsolid that needs to have access for the PDM. All other connections are ok, use ATP, have the hard drive on desktop as well on MAC as Windows through Parallels. But the port 80, the listening one is refused by the hard drive. Why, I don’t.