Who is connected?

Any way to see who is remotely connected to the MBL?  Log files perhaps?

That’s a good question.  With FTP it’s reasonably easy. If you download the log files then the VSFTP.LOG file will show who has connected to the MBL that way. Not sure about the WD2GO service.

I would also be interested to find out how this can be done.

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thanks, how do I get to the FTP log?

Two ways.

First method is to go to the MBL’s Support Page and under the section Create and Save System Report click the bitton to create and download all the log files.  Within the archive you get look for a text file named VSFTPD.LOG.

The second method requires SSH access to the MBL’s operating system and either myself or someone can give you instructions how to do that.

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thanks for your help. I got to the logs with your instructions.