Who here is on 1.06.15?

I’m just curious.  I had pretty bad lag while watching a movie and pressing a key.  There was a few second delay for anything I did.  It was incredibly annoying I couldn’t take it anymore and went back to my trusted 1.04.x.  I see a lot of people in here seem to actually be using 1.06.15 which just amazes me.  So it makes me wonder how many of you don’t have lag?  I have 4 of these, I upgraded all 4 and all of them had the same issue. 

Just to note I have a central NAS with everything connected to gigabit switches.  Most of my files are 5-12gig MKV’s.  I didn’t have much luck with the 1.05 firmware either but don’t recall the issues I had with it.  To me 1.06.15 is unusable because of the lag.

The lag is not consistant for me. Sometimes 20 seconds, sometimes 3 seconds. The time it takes to turn the streamer on is much more annoying (to me). I’m most interested in the core feature which is streaming HD movies with good picture and sound quality. This it does quite well.

I did the same as you (rollbacked to a previous firmware). I could not stand the crazy delay for each key press. I trully don’t understand how people can tolerate this. It felt like running Windows 7 on a Pentium 166 computer.

I dont get any delay at all … if anything the latest (1.06.15) was faster for my experience :open_mouth:

Hi Klutch,

It’s curious. I’m not experiencing any delay either.

The only bug I have is the time it takes to load the drive. Nothing else.

No delay when pressing a key while watching a movie… And no delay when using the menus

I don’t get how some people get the delay while others don’t. I was ready to send my unit for an RMA when I first installed the latest firmware because others said they didn’t experience the delay but I rolled it back and I don’t have the delay anymore so it cannot be a hardware issue, it is really a software problem. My friend also have a WDTV Live+ and experience the same delay I had (I don’t have access to other WDTV).

I am wondering if it could simply be that some people don’t notice the delay. I can’t really believe people would not notice the delay but on the other hand, I can’t really believe that some people (that I know) don’t notice the difference between SD and HD…

Curious of who here that isn’t experiencing lag if they are using local or network storage.  I mentioned myself I’m strickly using a NAS to serve up everything.

I guess I must be one of the lucky ones I have never experienced any of the problems listed on here with 1.06.15 or any previous firmwares I use mainly a 2TB local drive which is usually up and running within 30 secs of turning the WD on

but I also stream from network shares on my Win7 PC with M2TS files up to 22GB (wired) this only causes problems if I forget to put Norton internet security in (silent mode) perhaps I dont use the WD as much as others on here.

So 1 happy bunny

am using ethernet / pc / win7

1.06.15 issues, if you look at the complaints, they pretty much point to issues with certain WD Live Plus boxes and their date of manufacture.  Some of these boxes work well with the FW, others do not so there seemss to have been a serious lack of testing on all of the “HW revisions” they ever released.   This of course is my opinion on it.  I have no issues w/ this firmware but stream only (no attached storage).  I bought my box litterally the day this latest firmware was released.