White vertical lines on TV with WDTV Live

 Hello there,

    I’ve been trying for a few weeks now to get an answer but still no luck.

    I have the following setup :

    TV: Loewe A42

    Media player: WDTV Live, latest firmware

    Media storage: WDTV MyBook

   The problem is i have 2 white lines that appear on the screen. One is considerably noticeable than the other.

   Here are the lines:



  They aren’t actually white lines, because for example when the image is black they don’t appear, only when the image is a little bit brighter, which only leads me to believe that the image levels are being modified on that vertical line.

   The TV cannot be adjusted because it cannot “play” with the HDMI picture. The problem is DEFFINETLY from the WDTV, because if switched to 4:3 the lines are not on the margin of the screen, but on the margin of the 4:3 picture.

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