White Led Blinking for 4 day!

Hello All,

Anybody can help me with my problem? It started when I had a high voltage at home and Mycloud wasn’t working , I changed the adapter with a 12V-1A one and the led started blinking white then after a min it turned red, googling the red led people said it is power so since i couldn’t find any 12V-1.5A adapter i moved to 12V-2A adapter ,the led started blinking white but no hope, I read people saying that I should leave it couple of hours , It’s like 4 days now and it’s till blinking, The hard is having like 2 TB of data, So shall i leave it more, Or it could be the adapter problem ? any suggestions?

I also tried to do a reset but no hope, I can’t even reach the dashboard.

I can’t really help you except to say I’m having the same problem, and to read the comment by rac8006 in my post (see below) about login via root using SSH to see the log files which might indicate what’s going on, if you can - I can’t any longer

“WD Twonky setup changes via SSH root having no effect”

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unfortunately I can’t access SSH, I can’t see my dashboard or connect to the device by any way…