While HDD is connected to WD TV Live and Power goes OFF will it damage the HDD?

I want to buy WD TV Live and I have question running in mind. Please someone reply.

Question 1:
I have hooked my external hard drive to the WD Tv Live box and I am watching a video on the TV.
Or I am writing (Copying) files to the HDD connect to WD TV Live box.

During this time if accidentally Power goes OFF then will it be cause any problem to my HDD (problem like: file system corruption or HDD won’t detect next time etc.)

Question 2:
HDD or a Flash stick connected to WD TV Live box and the box is connected to a router thru Wired Ethernet cable. A PC connected to the same router thru wire Ethernet. Can I access HDD (read & write) from the PC ?


well the answer to question one, no, when the power goes off it does not seem to affect an attached HDD. I have had a lot of power problems in the house for the past week and the power has gone off unexpectedly a number of times without issue. But a power surge would be another matter, but that is true of most electrical equipment…

question 2 yes I can access the attached HDD from both my windows PCs

i will add … always keep a backup of your data/media on another hdd “just in case”

i have one 4TB WD HDD with all my Movies and TV Shows

i also have a second “backup” 4TB WD HDD with all my Movies and TV Shows (which gets put into a wallsafe under lock’n’key … “just in case” ) :wink: