Which WDTV Live firmware is the most stable to-date?

I haven’t upgraded my WDTV Live in a while and I’m currently at 1.03. So I was wondering to which firmware version I should upgrade and would like to know which is the most stable firmware version officially released?

It is impossible to tell you what the best version of the firmware is because different people will give you different answers. Everyone has different hardware, plays different types of files, encodes the videos differently, etc. Also, every time there is a new release there are a lot of complaints, but there are also a lot of folks who use the new releases without too many problems. (I am using the latest release).

I would suggest that you try the latest firmware. If it gives you problems it is pretty easy to roll back the firmware to a previous version. Also, you can read the release notes for the different firmware versions and see if there is anything that was added after 1.03 that you would like to try. If you are happy with 1.03 and it does what you want, you can just stay with that version.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you need to decide what version is best for you.

Scandy have a good point, people will tell you what firmware they like, personally, I don’t like the latest firmware  update, but, it might be good for you.

Thanks and I agree with you. I suppose what I was looking for is a general idea as to which firmware had the least complaints and I understand its hard to determine unless someone does a poll of some sort. I kepp reading that 1.05.04 has been well received, may start at the latest and  work backwards.

Thanks again.