Which USB Hub?


I hope someone can help me. I wish to connect a number of external drives to my 4tb MyCloud. I know this can be done using a powered USB 3.0 hub, but would like to know which makes and models will work.

I have purchased a cheap one, but the MyCloud will not recognise any of my drives that are connected. I have tested each drive and all work when directly connected to the MyCloud and the hub workd when directly connected to my laptop - I can only therefore conclude that this particular hub will not work with the MyCloud.

If anyone can advise which hub I should purchase, that would be great!

Many Thanks

I do not believe the WD My Cloud supports USB hubs or enclosures with independent drive mounting unless they are self-powered. How are the drives connected to the hub formatted?


the user manual says up to 7 external drive connected to a powered USB hub.

The manual definately says it’s possible, but I guess no-one has connected a hub :neutral_face: