Which Product Will Fit My Needs!

Hi Dears,

I would like to get your assistance to provide the best choice for me and my company. Till this date, we are using Google Drive to manage and store all of our documents and files. Google Drive is fitting our clouding requirements. Despite to the above advantages of GD, our company would like to change the clouding into an external clouding device such as WD My Cloud products.

In fact, we purchased My Cloud Home with 6 TB storage space. However, this product isn’t allowing us to share folders with Edit feature. So, if the admin share a folder with user A, then if user A add a file inside the same folder, then this file will not appear with the admin and vise versa.

After searching on internet, we found out that this feature is not available for My Cloud Home device. So, we would like to know which product of yours could offset our current GD. Is it My Could Pro OR My Cloud Expert ?

Are you saying that you have a common share where different users will upload files but everything you upload only you can see, not the other users?