Which power adapter for G-Drive mini?

Does anyone know which power adapter I should use with my G Drive Mini 1T 0G02577?

‘G-DRIVE mini USB 3.0 1000GB Silver EMEA GDRMU3EA10001BDB 0G02577 705487191295’

Looking at the power supply specifications below I’m not sure if I should buy 5v or 12v?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

This is unresolved. The power supply specifications do not tell me which cable I need. Please can someone tell me which cable is compatible with my drive, 5V (0G00075) or 12V (0G01816)?

The drive shouldn’t require power. It is an optional accessory and most computers can provide the needed power over the bus alone via USB or FW800. But if you want an adapter the requirements are 12v and 1a.

Thanks for getting back to me Rydia. :slight_smile: The drive power usually runs from the USB without an additional power supply, but the drive is failing to mount and having read through some troubleshooting tips it seems like it would be a good test to see if an additional power might help resolve the issue.