Which model I have?

I bought four 2TB WD Caviar Green SATA drives (in green box), two from Future Shop store and another two from Future Shop on-line. When I opened the box, I found that the model number on the drive is different than the box label. The model number on the box is WDBAAY0020HNC-NRSN. It is WD20EARX on the drive. The serial number is the same (both on the drive and on the box label). I called WD support and I was told it is WDBAAY0020HNC-NRSN according to the serial number. This is confirmed by WD Warranty Check. But, when I run WD Data Lifeguard Tools, it is showed model number is WD20EARX-00PASB0. These drives were made in July this year. I am confused with the drive label. Does anybody know the reason? Should I keep these drives?

First, do a check on the drives to make sure they work.   Second, the model number may have changed with respect to the date of manufacture.  Just register your drives with the serial numbers and let Western Digital worry about the model number as it’s the serial numbers that really count when it comes to warranty and replacement.  Ignore the model number or write down the one that Western Digital responded with and forget the other one as it really doesn’t matter all that much since it’s the same drive, same serial number and the same capacity.