Which kind of connection are inside my WD Elements 4tb?


Sorry for my english.

I want to but a WD Elements 4tb external, model WDBWLG0040HBK.

In the past I had a problem with the electric adaptor in external drive and I can’t use the inside hdd in a sata port or generic external case to rescue my data.

So, I want to know if I have any problem with the electric adaptor or with the case, I was wondering if I could get out my hdd from the case and use it in a normal sata port/generic external case, it means, are there a “normal sata hdd” inside the case?.

Thank you.

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Really?.. Are there a “normal sata” inside?.. Amazing!.. Thank you very much.

Do you know any model of 2tb or 4tb with “no normal sata” inside from Western Digital?.. To avoid problems if I buy any other model.

Thank you very much… :wink:

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i have also disassembled a 3TB My Book and a 2TB My Cloud … both use a Standard SATA HDD

If you look at disassembly videos on Youtube … you’ll find all the 3.5" HDD’s are Standard SATA

example … 4TB My Book disassembly video , remove the USB Controller Board and it’s Standard SATA

(2.5" External WD HDD’s are NOT Standard SATA)

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So, I suppose Elements model has identical connector… No problems with encrypting things I read on forums?.

Thank you very much, you are helping me a lot.


Oh!, I saw the video you told me and externally my hdd is identical with that mybook… I thought they were different devices.

Elements have no Data Encryption … so that’s ok

My Book’s have Encyption … so no, you can’t remove it and put in another case and access your files.

Read my Post HERE … i tried it with my 3TB My Book [Pictures Included]

Oh, so bad for Mybook then… So, Elements is ok for a new drive because it can be extracted from its case and used in a sata port/sata device, but MyBook can’t do this because its encyption.

All clear now. Amazing help!.. Thank you very much.

Best regards.

To clarify the “My Book” … You can do this, _but you won’t have access to your file_s.

You will have to Format the drive 1st, before you can use it in a non-WD enclosure.

Oh, yes yes I understood you perfectly… You explained it very well… :wink:

But I saw an offer for Elements 4tb model from 99€, when usual it costs more than 140€… So, I will buy now… hehe

Thank you and best regards… :wink:

That’s a good price ! :slight_smile:

I think so… :grin:

“Mad Days” in a local store…hehe “Mad money” for me…XD

Thank you and best regards… :wink:

PD: Greetings from New Caprica…hehe