Which Hub - Media Player -My Book Live to buy?

I want to choose a product that can do the following things.  For the sake of argument, I am calling the device in question a hub.

  1. backup all files automatically to the hub, including changes to exising files

       - When it backs up to the hub, will it copy the files in their native format for easy use, such mp4, jpg, aac, etc?

       - Hopefully, if a newer file is on the hub, and an older on a computer on the network, it will suggest overwriting it

  1. stream photos, video and music to computers on my network at home

       - to computers on the network and

       - to my LG DLNA TV that is on the network

  1. stream the above mentioned media to wireless devices like iphone and ipad (either using my existing wireless network or the hub’s own transmitter)

  2. be able to access doc and pdf files wirelessly through iphone and ipad  (either using my existing wireless network or the hub’s own transmitter)

Which WD products can do these things? 

  - WD TV Live Hub? 

  - Media Player with an external drive attached? 

  - Western Digital My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage Drive?

  - OR?

Which has the most user friendly interface?

Are there significant differences between the products besides WD2go?

The My Book Live can do most of what you are looking for and none of the WD TV media players have backup software, neither I can recommend any of this players for backup purposes.

You can find more information about the My Book Live below: