Which firmware is the best?

Hi im new to the forums and just bought a 2tb Mybook live.
I have heard a lot of problems about firmwares bricking or messing up the performance of the mybooks, im not sure what to do. Do i update the firmware to the new  02.32.05-046 or leave it alone? My fw version is “02.11.09-053” please any suggestions would be helpful.

I bought a new 2Tb MyBookLive 21 December 2012. I do not know what firmware was installed from new but as soon as I connected it up and entered the dashboard the alert/message bubble informed me of a newer firmware. I opted to do the update and although it informed me that all had installed and rebooted successfully I got dashboard ERROR 3xxxx whenever I tried to do anything from the dashboard. Mine updated to F/W 02.32.05-46

You could try upgrading the firmware after downloading the file. Maybe that helps. It is certainly something to be cautious about. I am not the only one who has suffered dashboard ERROR 3xxxx after a supposedly successful update of the F/W.

I would stick with "02.11.09-053 "

my .02 cents…

As soon as you buy the unit, upgrade firmware to latest. Test it for a week or so. If issues, return it or get it replaced.

If no issues, never upgrade the firmware again.

I’m with phibertron: if the unit does everything you need it to do, then don’t upgrade.

My last f/w update was to 02.11.09-053, and everything has been solid. I’m usually the geek that updates everything soon after it becomes available, but in the case of the MBL I’ve learned to monitor the support forums for at least a week before updating. F/W 02.11.09-053 had positive feedback when it came out last year, the subsequent releases, not so much.