Which firmware best for netflix and MKV movies

I have not updated my firmware in over a year as it works well but recently I got a netflix account and it doesn;'t work so well wioth the WD box. It’s slow to signbs in, sometimes times-out, even when I get into my account it is super slow. If I go through playon, navigation is great and everything plays fine but there are limitations with using playon.

I have search here but it is hard to follow thread to find my answer.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Oh, WD TV LIVE wired directly to computer. I only use playon, watch MKV movies and not Netflix. Don’t care about any other service on the WD.

pretty much any firmware seems to fit the criteria you mention

WD has always natively supported MKV - playon is not needed

netflix speed

–playon does all the work, faster

–wd does the work slower than playon, but does not require you to keep your pc running as well

so that said I recommend 2.01.86 because it has DTS-MA support

no other firmware has that


My problem is the playon deosn’t seem to fast forward or rewind netflix shows. And I can’t see my netflix user list.