Which device should I buy?

I want to buy a cloud but I don’t know what should I choose.
I’m thinking about:

My Cloud Home Duo
My Cloud Mirror
My Cloud EX2 Ultra

I don’t know what to choose.
The features I need are:
-Stream Photos, videos from cloud to TV
-Access from remote location like normal disk. I want to access my data from cloud on computer outside local network like normal HDD in Windows Explorer. Not through website.

Please help.

You need to explore the wdc.com website and look carefully in the Products section. I believe the My Cloud Mirror is discontinued, the bottom line units are the My Cloud Home products, but they are not NAS devices. The true NAS devices start with the EX series. You need to know that many people are not happy with the Home devices, because they are not NAS devices. Take your time exploring the devices descriptions. Personally I would get a NAS device. (I have had one for around five years.)


Ok. I think I will buy EX2 Ultra.

Can you also tell me how it looks with access from the outside ? It is possible to access it from the outside like normal drive in explorer ?

I have dynamic IP, it is problem ?

I use my NAS locally and remotely (i.e. from outside) with the iOS My Cloud app or Plex to stream media files to Apple phones and tablets, or even stream to hardware such as WDTV, Fire TV. There are even apps other than My Cloud I can locally stream to iOS and Android hardware. Lots of choices. I never access NAS remotely using mycloud.com website. I have no need to.

Be ure to download and refer to the complete user manual for full instructions. You can try DHCP, but some folks set a static IP. My Asus router sets a permanent IP for every connected device so I do not need to set static IP.

Suggest you purchase the NAS with the WD Red drives installed for the disk capacity you want.
Good luck with all this.

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Ok. One more question. I have Compal CH7465LG-LC Router. It is good for NAS or should I buy better router ?
Which router do you use ?

I have never heard of your router. You need a dual-band gigabit router, though.

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My internet speed will be good for stream videos from outside to phones and tablets ?


What’s your internet speed ?

How many people use your network? How many devices are connected? If several devices/people I suggest a router with 802.11ac MU-MIMO. My router is the Linksys WRT 3200ACM. I have 14 devices and I am the only user unless I have visitors.

It appears you should have enough but hopefully you can upgrade if you have problems. I have Spectrum as my provider and updated a few months back to make sure I have enough for all my devices, especially my 4K TV. I also have security cameras that are constantly uploading video. I now have Spectrum Internet Ultra. See image below for my download/upload speed.

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So finally I bought EX2 ultra and is working fine in my local network with my router. Here’s speed test:


But I have a question. How to get access to files from the outside in Windows explorer ?

Like this:

But not from LAN.

Not exactly what you mean here.

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Remote acces to files from Windows Explorer.

You also need to change forum. You are still in My Cloud Home. So take your EX2 comments and start a new topic in the EX2 forum and ask your questions in there.

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Ok. So close this thread.