Where to have WDTV Live Hub refurbished?


Hello …
my Hub has given up the ghost. I had been running it without the HD and was able to access files and stream movies. The Hub is much superior to Plex which I have tried and was not happy with. I’ve looked for replacements and now I am looking to refurbish mine. In my mind it is also ecologically sound as I don’t want to have go into a landfill or stripped down. Any suggestions? or does WD refurbish dying older equipment?? If “no” to these what are comparable streaming hardware I would be happy with?
Thanks in advance …


You mean “Recycle” ? WD don’t refurb them anymore … they’re discontinued years ago and all units out there, warranty expired long ago.

Sell it on Ebay for parts … and who knows, someone might be able to repair it or repair a faulty one they have.

I stopped using my WDTV LIve Hub years ago in favor of using Kodi on Raspberry Pi

Much happier, does everything the Live Hub did plus a lot more. And the Kodi Software is regularly updated.

Currently using Raspberry Pi 3 and Android Amlogic S905X both with LibreELEC (Kodi) … both work fantastic.


Many localities have electronic device recycling centers. Find one near you and take it there. I have taken lots of stuff to one, including the old CRT TVs, printers, etc.

Another alternative to the above good suggestion for playing media files is to use an Amazon Fire TV running Kodi or Amazon’s MrMC app on device to play media.


i agree with all the above, i still use my hub as a music jukebox for all m mp3’s and flac files, i find it superior sound wise going into my denon avr, i also have an android ebox t8 v that has room inside itself for a 2.5 hd or ssd, but to me the sound ouput regardless of what mp3 player i use is not as good as the hub, both going into my denon, i wish wd would bring out another version of the hub with again a hard drive, my wish list would be for it to be able to have visualisation effects when playing music, like the android box does, obviously they are downloads from google play. as for you dilemma look on ebay for a used one, repair is possible, but probably cost more then a used one.