Where to buy USB Wireless Adapters

Well,first of all,been a couple of months,i think,since i’ve bought WD TVLH…and it’s delicious <3…except one or two movies but that might be a movie prob

The thing is,my dad wanted to see Facebook and Youtube on the TV via TVLH…The problem,as obvious,is that we dont have any USB Wireless Adapter that can connect to the TVLH to use togheter with our Wi-Fi Router (6MB)…and we went at the shops in our city and found part of those devices listed HERE http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5688#wireless

but most of them,at the SHOPS,had a Firmware/Version number (1.20,1.30,etc…) at the bottom of the boxes…and,as the list says,if you get one of those,it might NOT work…

The question is…Where can i buy one of those SPECIFIIIIIIIIIIIC adapters from the list?..Belkin and D-Link seems like trustful brands…but,ofcourse,i wanna buy one WITH THE VERSION OR WHATEVER THAT’S IN THE LIST SO IT WORKS on our WDTVLH

Any online places to get one of them?..any help would be nice…ofcourse,the buying places must be able to ship to SPAIN

Thanks in advance…

I would search on Ebay first. 

I would skip it entirely and use Powerline or a WiFi extender.

I tried a pair of Linksys power line adapters and a pair of WD. No joy from either set. One big problem was the circuit breaker for the room where the router is has an arc fault breaker. Power line adapters dont seem to like them at all.

Any ebay examples out there that could perfectly work on my device?..i’m pretty new to this ^^;…

thanks btw

Ethernet would be best, but I’m using a Rosewill RNX-N150HG wifi adapter from Newegg ($16). Before that, I was using an old Zonet ZEW2500P wifi adapter that I used with an old PC, and it worked fine, too. 

Hope this helpful!

Our cable aint that loooooooooooooooong for this…i’m asking WiFi adapter for a reason ^^;;;;…

Do you know where i could get that Rosewill WiFi Adapter you have for my TV Live Hub?..i bet it’ll be working if it works for you,but just making sure ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;…i bet you’ll say Newegg but i’m from Europe/Spain so i think that wont be shippable from there,*shrugs* dunno