Where to Buy the WDTV LiveHub Accessories in Hyderabad, India?


I guess the Remote for the WDTV LiveHub player i have has gone bad and i need to buy a new one. Can somebody give me the place i can buy it in Hyderabad, India. I am from this place, hence it would be helpful.

I bought the live-hub (which included the remote) in a sealed pack from a dealer over here, but unfortunately he is just a retailer and he does not keep accessories such as the remote-control device.

thanks for your help


Rajiv Kulkarni

Probably better off contacting WD direct as I doubt anyone in here has had this exact same situation to deal with. I don’t know of any dealers that carry just the remote.

BTW, I use my hub with a Harmony One programmable remote. Works great and you don’t need the original remote to program with as the Harmony software has a preset for the Live Hub.

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