Where to buy proper packaging for RMA shipping a bare HDD?

I’m sending in a defective HDD, but I need to get a hold of the proper packaging that is acceptable for shipping a bare HDD.

Where did you guys go to get the proper box, ESD (Electro Static Discharge) Bag, and foam for holding the wrapped drive in place?

I went to my local UPS store, and they pointed me to Staples. Staples didn’t have the stuff either, so where do I go to get the proper packaging items?

From a quick search (not endorsing any vendor below - these are just a few quick examples):


Just don’t put a static ZAP on the device when you are handling it; ground yourself first on a metal faucet, etc, each rime you handle it!

Ah okay. I didn’t think I’d have to go buying each piece separately. Thanks guys!

Many people use the bags the drives originally come with. Some people unfortunately throw them away thinking they are just a plastic bag which is when you need to go out and buy them :frowning: