Where should I find my Equipment Code?

I had trouble to register my wd cloud ex to mycloud.com, when I type mycloud/setup, they always ask me for a nine position equipment code like ### ### ###, it reminds me that the label is in my productor in my product quick start brochures, but I find nothing, Did you have same problem? Thx in advance


You could refer to the following link: https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3763

I could not find this label in the document you referred to。。。

Please know that the WD My Cloud and WD My Cloud Home are different line of products, equipment code is required for WD My Cloud Home setup and not for your WD Cloud. When you register your device on mycloud.com, click on ‘SETUP MY CLOUD’ on the right hand side of the webpage.

That is what I have,in mycloud。com when I login, the system inform me that I do not have any WD device in my account, they want to search it for me, after few seconds, then it pops up a window as me for this equipment code … that all I experienced