Where is WD App Manager for Mac

I got a new Mac and now I can’t find the software I use on my old laptop.

The app is called “WD App Manager”, although when I open the application, it shows as “WD Access”.

The app does not open as a desktop app but an app on the top bar of the laptop. I don’t know how you call that bar at the top. I attach an image of the About of the app.

Thanks for any help.

WD Access is no longer available for download.

WD Access End of Support

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Thank you for your reply.

Does anyone know what would be the replacement for this application?

I would prefer a desktop application since the webapp is not as convenient. On WD Access it was like mounting the disk on my system and I had a much faster access and was able to stream videos. On the webapp I have to download the video first and then play it and this takes too long.