Where is the data saved on My Book Live?`


just performing my first backup with WD Smartdrive and my brandnew My Book Live.

I looked at the My Book Live now with Internet Explorer, but cant see the data somewhere.

Where is the data saved?

I want to use the folder with the data for my music program, which shall play the data directly from the My Book Live…

I am just realising that the files are not copied 1 to 1 to a folder on the My Book Live, but in a special My Book Folder, which cannot be access easily.

Is there any way to make backups between two laptops and the My Book Live, where the files are visible on the My Book that I can access them with my Music Player?

WD Smartdrive obviously does not allow that.

smartware, the WD software included with MBL, backs up to a hidden folder. 

You can also add folders and created fodler trees like you would on a normal external drive.  You will need other software to create a backup system on the “shares” or visible MBL folders.  I suppose you could then enable streaming of those share folders.

The data is held in a hidden network share. It won’t show-up when you’re browsing for it.  I think the back-up is held in a proprietry format.  If you want to have a look what’s in there then use…  \MyBookLive\SmartWare

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Thank you - found it :slight_smile: