Where is the 5.1 sound when streaming netflix?

When I stream netflix through my PS3 to my reciever the PS3 outputs in 5.1 dolby surround. When I plug the WDTV live into the same receiver and stream the same show it only outputs in PLII - PCM 44.1khtz . A lot of the newer titles being added to netflix now support 5.1 surround. When is the WDTV going to support this as well?

We’re hoping we get NetFlix’s new API in a firmware update in the near future.

Not only does it add 5.1, but it also adds SEARCH.  :)

Keep your fingers crossed!

Thanks for the reply. Hope it comes sooner than later.

Any update on this? The Apple TV just released an update including Netflix 5.1.

fwiw, I’m currently getting 5.1 audio by using an hdmi connection to the tv, then using the TV’s digital audio out to feed the audio amplifier.  (I have not yet tried the optical output)

An observation… I’ve listened to about 4 netflix streams, and only one (The Imanigarium of…) of the titles output obvious 5.1 audio.

Beverly Howard