Where is my drive?

Whenevever my computer wakes up from sleep mode or hibernate, the drive letter of My Book Essential Drive has changed or it just simply dissapears and will only reappear when I reboot my computer, even Smartware dissapears.  My OS is Windows 7.

Same here.  Bought, set up and used my WD Elements external drive for security back up last week.  All fine until Windows Vista put computer ito sleep/hibernate.  No sign of the drive now and can’t access it agian until after I switch ff and back on again.  Need ■■■■■-proof solution because of my limited technical ability.  Please help an elderly person in distress.

No one seems to know exactly what is happening here even Western Digital.  I have visited numerous sites and forums and some tend to believe it is the way that the OS handles some Western Digital products but not all the time.  The only solution I have come up with for now is to deactivate the sleep/hibernate mode and the problem went away.  I know this is not ideal but at least it is something.

My limited research had revealed the same answer.  Ah well, just have to continue wrecking the planet by excessive electricity consumption until I come across a proper solution and  can put my machine to sleep again.  But thanks for your rapid response anyway.

Do you have the most current firmware and software for your drive?  I would check the support sectin of the site and see if you do.

Both firmware and software are current.

I can’t even find my drive after install firmware or update software.  I have rebooted several times, but the SmartWare gui won’t let me backup and the drive doesn’t show in explorer.