Where is Live Hub hiding its metadata (actually movie name)

Have a movie that does not exist in tmdb (yet). Name “Loch Ness”.

So, I tried the trick of letting the “Get Info” download a bogus title to get the metadata file in the medata directory created, and then edit the “movie name”.XML file directory. Normally this works for other things.

In this case, tmdb did not have a movie with the name “Loch Ness”, so I let it call it “Beyond Loch Ness”, which makes the movie show up. I then renamed the Beyond%20Loch%20Ness.xml file, edited it and thought all would be well.

First mistake. The “movies.xml” master file in the metadata directly carry the linkage between Actual name and the movie files. So, I edited the movie name there, thinking Live Hub would figure it out and rename the movie title.

NOT SO… It still shows as “Beyond Loch Ness”, despite the fact that both the individual Movie XML file and the “movies.xml” master file both have the correct name in them.

So… Where is Live Hub hiding the movie title is shows in the alphabetical listing. In this case “Beyond Loch Ness”. I cannot find it anywhere it seems. :dizzy_face:

I thought for sure the medata/movie/movies.xml file would be it.

It still carries this bogus name across multiple power downs, so it is not memory caching failing to see my file edits. So where is the caching holding on to the bad name?

It may be in a hidden partition on the internal disc.

However to overcome your problem quickly and easily see my answer to your other post here.


You are most likely right. It kind of defeats the purpose of editable XML files and the movies.xml file linking them all, if it hides the ACTUALLY used information on a hidden partition. More understandable if the movies.xml file was hidden as well. More usable if they actually loaded from the movies.xml linkage file.

Plus, all information in the XML files show up correctly on the screen display (overview, genre, …). So why keep a second copy of  “bad” information on the side, just to be able to show the movies in the now incorrect genres. :smileyvery-happy:  Quite defeats the purpose of the metadata files.

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