Where do the uploaded / downloaded files go?

I’ve downloaded both WDPhotos and WD2Go on my Android phone.  I can see my drive and everything seems to work fine.   If I use the functionality for downloading files to my Android device from my MBL in WD2Go and uploading photos from my Android device to my MBL, where do the files go?  

I dowloaded some music to my phone, for example, but I’d like to play it with DoubleTwist instead of the limited WD music player but I don’t know where they end up on my phone.

Probably they will go to the same folder where the application is installed… at least for the WD photo… Not sure if you are able to download files through the WD2go  app.

Yes, you can download with WDToGo, I downloaded some MP3s.  I found them with Astro, they’re buried on the SD card in a folder with a huge gibberish name.  Silly.

WD2go download’s files to the cache. This is how synch is manged (i.e. it’s not really a download, exactly). In current versions there is no way to explicitly download the file to a chosen location. Maybe WDC will add this ability…?

Actually there si a download command in the app, at least in Android.  It downloads to the SD card to here:


Each download seems to go into a separate folder with a stupidly long gibberish name.

Easiest work around is to use the Save As feature to save the downloaded (cached) file in a known folder location on your android.  You can then open it with your choice of application.

I’ve been playing with this app for a year and I finally figured out how to access the save as feature and more.  Touch and hold on the file you want to download and this nice menu comes up after a second that allows you do do all the things you can do with most any file explorer.  I now like this app alot. 

Thankyou for any advise, but ‘save as’ seems not to work for me. Copy only works towards dropbox and skydrive.

This product is very limited as far as the firmware is concerned.


COPY works from or to any of the supported services and devices.