Where do I find the most recent backup?

I have had My Book for PC for a year or so now, and still am not convinced that it is really backing up my whole computer to it automatically.  Where can I find the most recent backup with a date showing me that it has been recently backed up?

I have the WD SmartWare software installed and can view it, but am still confused.  Can anyone please clarify this for me so I can be assured my pc is getting backed up properly?   Thanks!

Are you using the latest version of the WD Smartware?

Also, you can view what is in your backup:

Open your WD Smartware and click on the Retrieve tab.

Click on the select files button.

Click on retrieve some files.

Here you will see a view small window, here you should be able the data that is in your backup.

Thank you for the reply!  It says I need to do an update, but tells me to be sure everything is backed up first.  So…kind of a catch 22.  When I go to the backup tab, and mark all the data to be backed up, it all looks good, but when I click run backup nothing is happening.