Where can we find the source for default Mochi theme for the last firmware version?

- Which firmware?    Newest 1.08.17
- What happened?   Want to customize the default mochi theme, but don't have an updated source.
- What were you doing?  customizing default theme
- Does this happen every time?  Yes.
- What hardware and media were you using?  WDTVLive SMP
- Did this happen with previous firmware?   Yes
- Does power cycling the unit solve this?  No
- Does resetting to factory defaults solve this?  No
- Have you tried this on other devices?  No

Where can we find the source for default Mochi theme for this firmware version?

I downloaded the GPL source code for this FW version and it’s not there.

Could you please provide the updated default Mochi theme source, everytime you change it in new FW releases ?

The player is advertised with customizable themes, I would like to customize the default theme.

If you downloaded the source code you can find the legacy theme in the RV_1.08.17_G\RV_1.08.17_G\src\libs\RES_RV folder of the source code.  In this folder  you will see folders named xml, images, sceenshots, & font.  You want the xml, images, & screenshots folders.  Make a  folder for your theme and add to it the xml files & the image and screenshot folders.  Make the changes you desire to the xml files & image files.  Then zip the xml files (not your theme folder) along with the image & screenshot folders and upload to your WDTV box.  

Thanks m8, but that is not updated.

I’ve already look there…

My question is to Western Digital.

Please WD, answer this question.

The closest thing that you’ll find for the Mochi theme for the HUB FW version 2.8.  You can get that HERE.  Since the themes are the same for the HUB and SMP it will be the same.

However, this is for several releases back.  Due to new encryption for the firmware that was introduced after this version & with the launch of the SMP,  I am no longer able to extract the OSD (Mochi) for anything later and until WD decides to release the OSD this will be the only thing available.

Also, this a user forum, directing you question at WD is fruitless because WD does not  monitor this Community.  Moderators will respond if they feel it necessary, but that is about it.

Thanks. I already had downloaded that version and It has being very helpful.

I still would like to have the default theme updated, with last updates and bugs corrected, so question stands to WD.

I would like this to be forward to WD as issue reports are forward!

(You must read this in Professor Farnsworth voice)

Good news everyone!

WD updated the default theme, in FW 1.09.10 GPL source code.

More information here: ATTENTION THEMERS - OSD for 1.09.10