Where can I get a MycloudEX2 serviced?

Does anybody service these?

No, you don’t. Throw it away and get a synology.

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i am regretting buying WD ex2 ultra now…
could have invested few more bucks and saved a lot of time.

couldn’t even setup or detect my ex2 ultra.

When you say “can’t detect it” do you mean in Windows explorer or in the mycloud setup app. You probably won’t be able to see it in explorer if you have windows 10.

More information needed if anyone is to help you.

Well i created a topic of my own where i explained my problem…in anycase… I will explain it here also.

First time setup.

  1. The power light is solid blue. Starts pulsating after few minutes i am guessing that it goes in standby mode.

  2. HDD light is solid red (as mentioned first time setup)

  3. It is on same network as every other device as i only have one wifi router.

  4. I am using macbook air so wd cloud ex2 ultra shows up under networks but when i try to enter the IP address of my cloud in google chrome then it says connection refused to connect.

  5. When i try to SSH into wd cloud through terminal (mac version of command prompt) it says connection refused.

If more information is needed please let me know

PS: i have also done 5 sec reset and 40 sec reset but the results are same