Where can I find documentation for the OS5 API or an SDK?

Hello. I have had my MyCloud ex2 ultra for quite some time and wanted to start developing a small app for it. I have found various links to documentation and even a download to an SDK that’s not too old, however all of these links redirect to the WD homepage.


Is there no more official support for a REST api or an SDK to develop on OS5?

See this post here by WD Staff

Hi @Bennor thanks for the reply. That is one of the posts I’m refering to. In the SDK there are links to a developer portal and API documentation that redirects to the main WD site.

Refer to the WD Content Solutions Developer site for details: High-Performance SSDs, HDDs, USB Drives, & Memory Cards | Western Digital
Currently the core Keystone APIs are documented in the My Cloud Home platform
High-Performance SSDs, HDDs, USB Drives, & Memory Cards | Western Digital

Do these links work for you?

It appears, once again, the entire Developer site is not accessible. You may want to try contacting one of the WD Staff (Like @SBrown) who monitor this site to see if they can provide a updated link.

One could try creating a developer account through the following link to see if they can gain access to more developer information.


Thanks for the link @Bennor. I made an account but I don’t see any mention of a developer portal when I log in. @SBrown, is there a new developer portal link or new documentation somewhere?