Where are XML files kept?


I have just got WD TV SMP, and I’ve heard that if you want the GUI to display something other than the filename (including extension) of a particular media file, you can do that via an XML file.

I noticed that when the connected disk was scannel for the “Media Library” a few of the files were given new (abbreviated) names in the GUI (e.g. music video for “The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star.vob” became “Video Killed The Radio Star”), but most names were not changed.

When I look at the files on the disk, I cannot find any XML files anywhere.  There is one hidden folder called .wd_tv, and it contains the files ph.db, ph.db-journal, uniondb.cas_0090a9c7f98a, wdtv.cas, wdtv.cas.md5 and wdtv.cas2.  No XML.  None of the folders containing media files on the disk contain any XML files.


(1) If I want to create XML files to specify information about my media files to appear in the GUI, is there a tutorial somewehre on the format of those files, and if I create them myself, where in the file hierarchy on the disk do I put them?

(2) Where has WDTV stored the name changes it has already made?

Thanks for any help.

The are stored along with the movie files.

So you should see

The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star.vob

The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star.xml

… in the same folder.

You may need to configure your file browser to display file extensions.

Hi TonyPh12345,

I’m on a Mac, I browsed the file system using both the Finder and Terminal (unix command line interface).  Both would show an XML file if one was there, but I could not find any.  Not one.  In any folder.

Weird, no?  The media library function has done something, but creating an XML file is not one of them.  Could there be any reason for that?

I might try to create some XMLs myself, but is there a tutorial or thread here that has the WDTV XML specs (i.e. what tags are supported for individual media files)?

Thanks for any help.

you try thumbgen, that can create xml files for WD

Thumbgen does not run on a Mac.  I am not aware of a similar Mac application, although such a thing may exist.  Surely there is a spec somewhere which defines the XML tags supported by WDTV for individual media files?  Or can someone post an example XML created by WDTV?  Thanks.

Probably faster if you just put a USB disk on the WDTV with a media filename on it (doesn’t have to be real media, just an empty file is fine) and let the WD “Scrape” the XML for it.

Then examine the XML to see what’s there.

Hobflow seems to be a similar app for the Mac http://www.hubflowapp.com

I’ll try it out and report back.