Where are the real product specifications?

I want to buy an external Western Digital Hardisk of 2 TB USB 3.0. I found three models satisfying this from Western Digital:




Now I understood the difference that Essential has some additional software but that’s all!!

I want to know what is the speed drive, the buffer for each model since the prices are different. I didn’t find anything on your site, ecomerce site, review sites…Where are this basic things to help a customer know what he is buying?


Thats a good question, WD has great products but they can be confusing. Remember, at the end that 2TB is still 2TB. I went here for the comparison


You want USB 3.0 and there are 3 I believe that support this. My answer to you is to find the CHEAPEST one.

I have My BOOK essential because thats the only one that comes with 3TB and USB 3.0. However, some are more expensive because they have the digital gauge on the side so you can keep track of space. Im not into all that fancy stuff. I need a fast but inexpensive drive. 

My short answer to you is to go with MY BOOK or My BOOK essential.

Did I answer your question?

you answered but only partially…since I My Book Essential is cheaper then My Book I was thinking that maybe has a slower drive or a small buffer hence I want to know this information.

I am asking WD marketing people when they buy a car they ask only about color and model name or they ask also what is the power, speed and fuel consumption? If later why they don’t provide important informations on products they sell?!

I understand what your talking about. Its sad they dont list that info. I looked for you for the past hour and cant find anything. I only see the noticeable differences as far as weight and connection types for each drive. No detail info on RPM, buffer size, etc…

Maybe the drives are all the same but even if they are the same what are the exact specs!!!

If anybody else could shed light on this, that would be appreciated!

Good question btw.

Ok, let’s do the job of WD marketing :smiley:

I found a free application Crystal Disk Info but I guess any Disk info software will do… it shows what is the buffer size and RPM for the hardisks… can people with WD MY Books paste some informations for their drives?


Good find. I have like 10 of WDs products so I can download this when I get home and paste the results! Hopefully you can wait till this evening!!

My email is


Shoot me an email and I can fwd you the results!!

I think it’s better to have the results here as for sure other peoples would like to know what they have…I think 2 TB or 3TB are most interesting since these products are most expensive.

I found some WD products and this is what Crystal Disk info gave me

Passport 1TB 5200RPM  8MB Buffer

My Book Pro Edition II 1TB  7200RPM 16MB Buffer

My Book Essential 1TB 8MB Buffer 5200RPM

My Book 3.0  2TB  7200RPM Buffer size was not given!

Cool, Thank you!  Just one question for My Book 3.0  2TB. What product code it has as I found three codes for same specification. Or at least it is Essential or the standard one?

Mine is


This baby is fast with USB 3.0. I get anywhere from 60-100 MB per second when transferring from my desktop to this drive. I bet it could be faster if my drive in my desktop wasnt so slow!

Hope this helps you!

Okay, you convinced me! Getting the same drive :slight_smile:

Oh yeah! You wont be disappointed. Let us know how it works!!

I am still struggling to find a last information before I bu it: I have a desktop which doesn’t have USB 3.0 and not sure if My Book 3.0 will work on that. I mean for My Book Essential they say it’s compatible with 2.0 but nothing on this one and although advertisment is that USB 3.0 work on USB 2.0 ports is better to ask before…