Where are the gigabit speeds?

Hi folks.  Everything else that is gigabit on my network gets around 75MB/s transfer speeds.  Max I can get on this is 12.5MB/s.  What’s the deal?

Check the thread on  the following link, it might help.


So what you are saying is that it’s a proven fact it is just marketing and while it may be a GBit NIC I will never get anything close to GBit speeds…

Thats about it.

I upgraded my entire network to gigabit to improve streaming to the WDTV Live Hub… I guess the router, access points, switches and new wiring were all for nought. :frowning:

What are you trying to stream ?

I have streamed High Bitrate 1080p with no problem, and the cost was a cable from my PC to the router off Amazon? and a cheap one at that.

Yeah I mean it’s fine for streaming.  It’s just getting the data onto the internal drive…takes forever.

Ahh yes it is indeed.

I would have saved your money and filled it from another drive. Thats what I did, I still put the odd updated episode on there, but once its full you never want to do it again. :slight_smile:

Use monoprice.com for ethernet (and many other) cables cheap.

What do I do to backup my hub? I’ve not filled it up yet, but I’m nervous I will lose some of my stuff. Can’t just copy back to a PC drive, because it’s slow as **bleep**.

Well just copy it from where you have it, then you have a backup.

If its something you are that worried about, thats the only option you have.

Hey dude, I can’t even get a slow speed trying to copy files back to pc. errors out every time. Looked for answers, got none. If I had known this, I would have just purchased the streaming version. Pathetic!!