Where are my "sync'd" movie files?

I recently purchased a Live TV hub.  I attached my 1TB external WD harddrive to it, and followed the on screen instructions.   I allowed the external drive to sync and store my movie files to my Hub’s internal drive.   After about 12 hours or so, it said it was completed, then allowed me to eject.   I then went to view the files, but can’t find them.  I see the internal storage has about 850gb of data on it, but where are the located???  Is there a step I’m missing?

Thank you for the help!

They’re in a folder called usb_sync, which is at the root of the HD.

So, set your hub to view LOCAL STORAGE, and it should appear.

This may be a silly question, but where do I set my hub to view “local storage?”


Red Button on remote.

I have the same problem.   Synced files to Hub, they are on the internal hard drive as I can see them from PC, but they are no showing up on Hub, even when selecting local storeage.

Select “Clear Media Library” command from Setup -> System -> Media Library menu, or turn off Hub completely by pressing Power button on remote for more than 3 seconds and then switch it back on. In both cases library will be rebuilt and your media will show up.