Where are my posters?

I just picked up this WD a couple of days ago. Love it. However, I’m having some problems with getting the posters to work properly in the view format below.



You’ll notice that in Astro Boy for example, the poster worked on the preview above, but not on the menu below. Then, with Clash of the Titans, and just about every other poster in my library, niether the menu nor the preview poster appear. What’s up with thaaat? (SNL Reference) :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that TMDB.org was supposed to handle all that? When I look online at the movie on the TMDB everything appears to be perfect.

Any direction would be helpful!


EDIT: I switched my theme to Mojo and lots of the posters that weren’t working in this view format, suddenly worked? But then when I switched back to the WD Default theme, which I’d prefer to leave it on, all those same posters don’t work again…??


Just so that you know, no one else will be able to see your pics until they are approved by the moderators.  Which, being that it’s the weekend probably won’t be until Monday.

When ever you have a pic that needs to be seen you should also upload it to another site like flicker or imageshack, then post the link here.