Where are my files?

I bought a MyBook some time ago, set up auto backups and left it to do its own thing. It’s on a firewire to my iMac.

I now have a need to renew my computer so decided to open the MyBook to check all my files were there - mainly iTunes and iPhoto.

What I see are folders dated up to 2008 and nothing later, no evidence of music or photos, a large .dmg file but no clue of what it consists of etc. I did a backup only a couple of days ago but can find no trace of it.

This naturally disturbs me (I am no expert and had assumed I could trust the system to do what it says on the tin) so what I really want is to discontinue thoughts of using the backup/restore software, format the drive and start again by simply copying files to it. Before I do, does this make any sense to you guys?


It makes sense, a manual backup allows you to fully control and monitor the files. You could also try to use your own software for backup, as the one WD provides is rather a basic tool to get you started until you get better one. What is important is the drive itself.

I hope it helps.