Where are all the files?

I just purchased My Passport Essential to back up files from an unstable laptop. It took more than 15 hours to back up 22GB of data. I performed the backup using WD Smartware. However, when I open the drive from Windows there is nothing there except the WD Smartware folder. Where are all my files? Why can’t I view them? The only way I have been able to see what’s on the drive is via WD Smartware’s “Retrieve tab --> Select Files”. But it takes forever for Smartware to rebuild the volumes, which it does every time. I discovered that I can copy (drag-and-drop) files and folders to the drive from Windows, but these are the same files and folders that were backed up. Why don’t I get a message confirming the overwrite? Are the backed up files in some special partition on the drive that isn’t visible to the user???

What’s the deal?

With the WD Software off (Exit WD Smartware) and the Passport safely removed you should see an Autoplay dialog box when you replug the passport back in.  In the dialog will be an Open Folder to view files choice.  Your files are listed in the in the WD folder.

Yes, the files are, indeed, in the WD Smartware folder, but they are scattered all over the place – and in folders with names like “0B25669513584F9B0129CCFBF3D3920”!!  In each one of those folders are more folders with weird names, but there is a “Documents and Settings” folder that contains the backed up files. However, there are duplicate sets of files: one with a .DCM extension appended and one without. What are the DCM files for? Can they be deleted to free up space? IMHO, the WD Smartware software is counter-productive, counter-intuitive, and a total waste of time. Once you can find and open the Passport, it’s easier just to select the files/folders you want to back up and then drag and drop them to the drive.

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Im having the same problem . Is there a easier way to find all the files ?

Is there a better way to filter or a way to see all the files like if I was on my computer ?

should I just erase and restart the whole process by dragging in what i find important ? is that the best way to keep everything organized and efficient ?

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all what you do for your files is to rename the file with many numbers such as (a9C0C3343431824…ext) the name u need 2  find ur file

like (laptop files 2010)

thats all

for the vertual hard drive I thing its useful  when u want 2 plug the WD whict i don’t know how 2 do it till now