When will there be a new firmware release?

Since 2.02.32 all my WDTV Lives (5 of them) have been useless, locking up and memory issues and not responsive to the remote?

Needs power reset.

I have had to roll back to 2.01.86 to get things working again and turn off Auto updates.

We are now almost 3 months on from that release and WD have not put out a fix.

When can we expect one and when can I turn auto update back on?

Thank you :confounded:

Same Topic … Same Answer


And same question: what is 2.01.86 lacking for you so you think you need a new firmware?

For me, it’s not what it’s lacking, but what it has. This version added chapter skip, which I LOVE. But for some reason I cannot use it on any of my devices that I use wirelessly. The connection just seems to be way to slow to stream. I don’t not have this issue using a wired connection.

Many here have brushed it off as my wifi being too slow, but with the previous verion of firmware (1.16.13), I can stream HD movies without any issues. So, I don’t think it’s my hardware.

I want to run wire to all my devices, but it’s not easy or convenient (I have a split-level house, no attic or basement). For now, I have my wired ones at 2.01.86 and my wireless ones at 1.16.13. It works, but I miss the convenience of the chapter skip (not a big deal, mind you, but a nice to have). 2.02.32 also don’t work too bad for me on wired (I don’t use my WD’s for anything but SMB, so I don’t have any of the issues people have reported), but it does crash on me once in a while playing movies, so I downgraded.

An update that fixes these issues would be nice, but I’m patience.


I  hope you you have a lot of patience as the smart money is betting on “never”, this product is dead.

The number 1 thread on the first page is a 70+ post thread on the issues with the current firmware.  Current is a relative term, it came out last August, not a peep from WD since.

Coming in at number 2 with 60+ posts is a thread on what player will you buy next and they are not talking about which WD player will they buy next.

Probabl cause none has been announced although the recent poll suggests they’re up to something. And if they finally get the hint and move on to Kodi, it would be worth trying out.