When the #%!@ are we getting a >2 TB firmware fix?


This is ridiculous and it’s disgusting that even when you know your product has an obvious defect, you do not put any kind of warning on the box or on any product pages. How many people bought >2 TB drives only to find out that WD screwed them and their money was wasted? 

I’m returning my WD TV Live, advising my friends and family to avoid your products like the plague, and recommending they purchase Roku 2 XS with Seagate hard drives.

I have a 2 TB seagate drive connected to mine. Mine keeps hard locking. Is this the issue with yours too?

No, my problem is the fact that none of the WD TV products (1st gen through now) work with hard drives greater than 2 TB. The WD TV simply doesn’t recognize them.

There is no information warning about the lack of support on any product page on the internet, or on the box itself.

Western Digital is simply hoping to make as much money as possible suckering people into buying >2 TB drives, realizing they don’t work, and then hopefully buying another drive.

That may be a viable business model, but I’ll be **bleep** if it’s going to work on me. I returned my WD TV Live and I’m glad the drive I bought was a Seagate.

Understood thanks. I would send my [Deleted] back too but I binned the box so couldn’t. I have warned amazon buyers though via feedback not to buy. It seems that I am not the only one who’s box freezes up every time you try and watch a movie.

TekDragon wrote:

No, my problem is the fact that none of the WD TV products (1st gen through now) work with hard drives greater than 2 TB. The WD TV simply doesn’t recognize them.

The Live SMP has supported 3TB drives since launch.

The Hub has supported them since firmware version 2.06.10.

The Live / Live + has supported them since firmware version 1.05.xx.

Search the forum – you’ll see a number of people using 3TB drives with no issues.

Yeah, you’ll see people using 3TB with LOTS of issues, too – but same with ANY size hard drive!  :smileyvery-happy:

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Be careful about switching to Roku with anything larger than 2TB. I have a Roku 2 XS which I like, although I don’t have anything else to compare it to. I just recently got a Toshiba 3TB Canvio Desktop External HDD in hopes that I could start to archive my DVDs to it and play through my Roku player, but alas the Roku 2 XS apparently does not recognize drives larger than 2TB, even if you partition. I partitioned my drive into three 1TB drives and it didn’t make any difference. I guess some people have had some degree of success getting larger than 2TB to work with Roku XDS models. Fingers crossed Roku will release a firmware update that will provide support for 2+TB drives. Same for you and/or anyone with WD media players.

~ Brendon

You’ll see people seem to think he should be fine if he creates 2TB or less partitions but alas not so, at least not for Roku 2 XS.


I use my WD TV SMP with a WD My Book 3Tb with NO problems   :smiley:

I’ve read it’s not necessarliy the size per se but whether or not the larger drive is USB 3.0.  For that reason I purchased a 3tb usb 2.0 drive which works flawlessly. Not sure what your issues are but maybe if your drive is usb 3.0 that could be the problem ?

If I remember right the 3.0’s won’t work in the rear port but will work in the front… not sure why.