When is USB 3 and safepoint going to be fixed?

I see lots of messages but no clear answer from WD.

Life is too short to be spent on forums debugging advetised basic functionality.

WHEN are the USB 3.0 problems (Seagates/Other drives not detected) and safepoint completion (never completes requiring a hard reboot) going to be fixed??

And please don’t tell me to use the latest firmware, use a supported disk format, or properly eject the drive from the computer. Those do not work for me and many other users.

Western Digital, I am waiting for a clear response and timeline. Otherwise, this will be the LAST of your products I will buy.

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Safepoint and Seagate Expansion Portable USB 3.0 drive works for me (as well as Buffalo Ministation USB2, HP Simplesave USB2, WD Elements USB3, and a few others).  Please give more details about the issues you are having.

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Excuse me, but I find it hard to believe all the forum entries about 0kB detected drives and safepoint not completing indicate a perfectly working product. This is the first product with USB I have ever had problems with. Here you go if you can help:

Gigabit Ethernet, Mac OS Snow Leopard. My Cloud 3TB latest firmware, Seagate Backup Plus 3 TB USB 3.0 (MAC OS Extended Journaled). Seagate was ejected properly and verified with Disk Utility.

Problem 1: MyCloud USB 3.0 does not detect Seagate drive (0kB), it detects WD My Book 3TB External USB 3.0.

When is this going to be fixed?


Problem 2: Safepoint to WD My Book 3TB when MyCloud has 1TB of data chokes with unresponsive GUI and idle drives after 12Hs. This requies a hard reset to MyCloud.

When is this going to be fixed?




Works fine for me.  I even reformatted my seagate expansion usb3.0 to mac os journaled.  Detected the drive, transferred  a 1gb file without issues.  If all else fails, do a quick factory restore so it reformats and reinstalls the OS if you can

This is a user to user forum so its no use asking other users when anything is going to be fixed. If you want to ask WD directly you should contact WD support via email or phone.

I have the same problem with my Cound 3TB + Seagate Backup Plus. 0Kb issue. Not resolved with NTFS reformat, CHKDSK with Windows8, CHKDSK with Window7,  which is proposed by WD and community…

This is the feedback I got today after 2 weeks…

out of box failure

I bought from COSTCO with $129(pretty cheap, just before Thanksgivingdy) and if I return it , I could not get the same one at the same price…


Check other thread about USB port problem.  About the return, I hate to say that, but, just buy another new one with full price, then, return with  the “possible defective” one with full price reciept.


Seagate  HDD will work but not the one’s with external power supply !

As far as I’ve been able to figure it out.

The new fw update yesterday should clear up the usb issue

unfortunately it didn’t, still get 0kb w/ 3tb seagate externally powered hdd

After the Seagate (I sold him)  i bought a WD MyBook 3TB and this one works like a charm.

Plugged in and was immediately recognized.

I’m working still on fw 03.01.03-127, see no need to upgrade cause everything works fine :slight_smile: