When is it done copying all my files?

I have used my My Book several times, and each time it seems to take hours upon hours upon hours.  I’m not adding that much new stuff to my MacBook HD, but I run my My Book every few weeks just as a precaution.  It has been running about 15 hours now, but the small light keeps flickering occasionally, and although it says “88.4 GB of 88.4 GB saved” at the top, in the lower section the numbers of files saved keeps increasing, albeit very slowly.  Is there supposed to be a message that says “Back up is complete”?  Also in the lower section under “Data for Backup”  it readss “83.4 GB for back-up” and then in the adjacent column under “Data Backed up” it says “88.4 GB”.  It’s really confusing as to what is going on.  Help please!

If you’re using Smartware that’s probably the problem. It’s absolute ■■■■ I uninstalled after my first backup/  You can try something like this http://support.wdc.com/product/downloaddetail.asp?swid=119&wdc_lang=en or some sycn utilites like Good Sync  http://www.goodsync.com/ I use that for manual backup and The Paid Acronis on a different drive.