When is backup complete

Once I’ve connected the WD5000 device to my MacBook, how do I know when the backup is completed?

Hi there, how are you doing the backup? o.o

I use the provided cable to connect the Passport to the USB port on my computer.

Just by using the provided cable you won’t do a backup, you need to take an action that can either be just dropping the files into the drive with your mouse or using a software.

How are you doing the backup? What tool? What application? What method? What process?

I’m just plugging it in. Where is there documerntation with instructions for the actions your post suggests? I’m obviously not finding that document. The one I find on the Web site that says it’s a user manual is a very few pages that has no details at all except what’s in the package and how to connect the device to the laptop. Thanks for any guidance.

It works just like a thumb drive, pent drive, flash drive, USB memory stick… It shows on your desktop for you to drag files on it.

If you are using a software to manage the backup for you, then can you please provide the full nomber number of the drive? It  may not come with one…

Thanks for your input, but I think I’ll do what I should have done in the first place, and that is use only Apple products for my Mac. I’m sure the questions you ask to try to help me are simple for those who are familiar with and interested in those kinds of technicalities. With Apple, there is specific, detailed, step-by-step documentation to do whatever function is necessary. WIth this WD product, I was provided nothing even hinting at the details necessary for using the product.

Well, if it works for you :slight_smile:

Still… It would be good to better know some basic details about how a Mac uses an external drive no matter who does it, since they all work exactly the same…

They all allow you to drag files to it or to use Time Machine for the backups…